A Spa Day for Your Dog!

Grooming is important for a clean canine and to prevent serious health concerns including matting and skin infections. Routine nail trims prevent overgrown nails that can lead to curling, splitting, infected paw pads, and cause overall discomfort. Dogs of every size, breed, age, and coat type should be groomed on a regular basis.

Our certified Groomer, Christy, has been a certified groomer since 2007 and has been a part of our team since 2013. She will always make your dog’s mental and physical health a priority. Her patience, compassion, and skill will ensure a positive grooming experience for your pet. Christy gets to know your dog and slowly introduces them to the different aspects of the grooming process to make them as comfortable as possible. The combination of Christy’s methods and our professional equipment—including a walk-up tub, grooming lift table, and canine specific drying enclosure—creates a relaxed experience.

Grooming time and price varies depending on each pet’s unique size, coat, and personality.

Grooming includes:

  • Bath
    • Protein enriched shampoo
    • Moisturizing conditioner
    • Blueberry facial
  • Haircut (If applicable)
  • Brush-out
  • Nail trim with clippers or dremel
  • Ear cleaning
  • Inner ear hair plucking
    (If applicable)

Requirements: All dogs must be up-to-date with the Rabies, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza vaccines. We are happy to schedule an appointment to update these at the same time of your pet's grooming appointment.

For any grooming questions or to request an appointment, contact Christy at [email protected]

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Holiday Hours

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "We love the staff and facility. Our pups have gone to the vet, doggy daycare and grooming. A+ in all areas! Today was their Halloween party and our pups came home with pictures, treats (people and dogs) and prizes. Awesome day! Thank you to the staff for giving me peace of mind."
    R.L / facebook
  • "By far the most helpful, understanding, and caring staff I have com into contact with since owning my dog. Sheryl especially (who we have worked with for most of this) has gone above and beyond to be helpful and patient with us. I couldn't be more calm and trusting in a staff. Thumbs up guys!"