Dog Boarding Consent Form

Below is a transcript of the consent form our clients will be presented with and asked to review at drop-off. As well as a final signature and date, we ask our clients to initial after each statement.

I, _____________________________, owner or authorized guardian of ___________________, give permission to the Forest Home Animal Clinic (FHAC) and its veterinarians to receive, treat, prescribe, or otherwise care for the animal above as deemed necessary. I understand that reasonable precaution will be utilized against injury, escape, and/or death of this pet. The clinic and staff will not be held liable for problems that develop, provided reasonable care and precautions are followed.

Should injury or circumstance warrant the need for emergency service, I understand that the clinic will try to contact me or my listed emergency contact at the phone numbers I provided before treatment but will pursue the option to proceed if no one is available for clearance. I assume full responsibility for the treatment expense involved.

I authorize FHAC to use any photos taken of my pet during their visit, online or in future publications.

I have reviewed the information page of the check-in form and find all instructions and belongings listed to be accurate.
I understand that beds can be provided by the FHAC, and I will be responsible for the replacement cost of any bed my dog destroys.

I am aware that my pet can only be released during regular business hours.
Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM; Saturday, 8AM-12PM; Pre-paid, pre-arranged Sunday pick-ups available 6PM only

Holiday Hours

Memorial Day- Closed | 4th of July- Closed | Labor Day- Closed | Thanksgiving- Closed | Christmas - Closed | New Years Day - Closed


Read What Our Clients Say

  • "We love the staff and facility. Our pups have gone to the vet, doggy daycare and grooming. A+ in all areas! Today was their Halloween party and our pups came home with pictures, treats (people and dogs) and prizes. Awesome day! Thank you to the staff for giving me peace of mind."
    R.L / facebook
  • "By far the most helpful, understanding, and caring staff I have com into contact with since owning my dog. Sheryl especially (who we have worked with for most of this) has gone above and beyond to be helpful and patient with us. I couldn't be more calm and trusting in a staff. Thumbs up guys!"