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Traveling can be traumatic for your cat. This article will help you transport your cat to the
Forest Home Animal Clinic with as little stress (for both of you!) as possible.

When buying a carrier:
-Be sure it is convenient for you, your cat and your veterinarian to use.
-There are many carriers on the market, choose one that has both a top opening and opening on the side of the bag, (top-loading carriers are easier for you to place your cat inside whereas a carrier with a side opening allows your cat to easily go in and out on it's own).
-There are also carriers on which the top half is removable, so that your cat can remain in the carrier during the examination.

Getting your cat used to the carrier:
-Keep the carrier out in your house and put your cat's favorite treats and toys inside. This helps train your cat to view the carrier as a safe place.

Getting your cat out of the carrier:
-Never dump the cat out of the carrier! Either let your cat walk out or gently remove your cat.

Help your cat adjust to car rides:
-Safety first! Always put the cat in a carrier. Do not allow your cat to roam freely about the car. This is safer for both of you.
-Taking your cat to places other than Forest Home Animal Clinic will get him/her more comfortable with riding in the car.
-Keep the rides short at first and gradually extend the length of the drive.
-Do not feed your cat for several hours before taking a car ride because cats travel better when their stomach is empty.
-Reward your cat with positive attention and treats when the ride is over.

How to help your cat enjoy its visit to the Forest Home Animal Clinic:
-To help your cat feel at home at our clinic, please bring along your cat's favorite treats and toys.
-Make care routines such as grooming, nail trimming and teeth brushing part of your daily routine.
-Do routine "veterinary procedures" at home with your cat by touching the cat's face, ears, feet and tail. This will help your cat adjust to the care our staff may provide.
-Visit our clinic when you don't have an exam or procedure scheduled. You can check your cat's weight, buy food or medication. This allows your cat to have a positive experience at the clinic and lets you and your cat become more comfortable with our clinic and staff.