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Forest Home Animal Clinic
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Phone: (414)425-2340
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AKC Breeder of Merit

Congratulations Dr. Rieser
In January 2013 he received the AKC Breeder of Merit Award for his commitment to breeding beautiful purebred German Shorthair Pointers whose appearance, temperament, and ability are true to their breed.

Dental Cleaning And Polish
What to expect for your pet's dental cleaning.

After admitting, the pet's pulse, respiratory rate, and temperature are taken by a technician. Blood is also drawn if there is any pre-anesthetic blood work or any other tests needed.

A pre-anesthetic injection is administered by the veterinarian to relax the patient. 

At this time, if the client has elected to do so, the pet's front leg is shaved and a catheter is placed for the administration of IV fluids. 

Anesthetic medication is injected by the doctor to sedate the patient enough so that the endotracheal tube can be inserted. This tube provides the patient with oxygen as well as anesthetic gas during the procedure which allows them to remain sedated. The level of sedation is monitored throughout the procedure by the technician and adjusted if necessary to ensure the patient's safety and comfort.

The pet's teeth are first cleaned with a hand scaler to remove the majority of plaque and calculi (tartar). This is followed by the ultrasonic scaler to remove any remaining tartar. This is the same quality of equipment used in human dental offices. If there are any teeth that are very loose, decayed or infected, they are extracted at this time. 

The teeth are then polished with fluoride paste to remove any microscopic rough spots on which plaque could build up again. An antiseptic oral hygiene rinse is applied to further help maintain the pet's oral health. Anesthesia is discontinued and the endotracheal tube is then removed. The patient remains under constant observation until he/she is awake and able to walk.

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