Forest Home Animal Clinic

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How is the Doggie Day Camp at the Forest Home Animal Clinic different from other daycares?

Feeding Frenzy

Many daycares have large play groups of over 20 or 30 dogs. Large play groups can be overwhelming for many dogs. At our Doggie Day Camp we limit the play groups to 10 dogs. Each play group will have their own counselors.

Remember, not all day cares are the same. To educate yourself on what to look for in a day care, take a moment to read this article: What You Should Expect from Your Dog's Daycare.

What are some of the benefits to bringing my dog to Doggie Day Camp?

Socialization: A well socialized dog is happier and more confident. Lack of socialization may lead to unwanted behavior: such as barking, fear of new people or situations, and aggression.

Small play groups: These groups are supervised at all times by professional counselors, and put together depending on size, age and personality.

Swimming pool fun!

Exercise: A tired puppy/dog is a good puppy/dog. A dog with pent up energy will find a way to wear it off. Unfortunately, it is rarely in a good way. If you are seeing digging, barking, chewing and other destructive behavior, your dog may need more exercise.

Hours of fun: Your dog will play with other friendly dogs instead of spending hours home alone (possibly chewing on the furniture) while their family is at work or school.

Scout, Krista, Spike & Darth

Manners Training: In addition to socialization and off leash play in a safe and clean environment, all dogs will receive instruction in door manners, greeting people without jumping and attention exercises at no additional charge.

More swimming pool fun!

Does my dog spend a lot of time in a crate at Doggie Day Camp?


No, but there is quiet time in a crate in the morning and during lunch. Play all day long is very stressful for most dogs. A little time to rest (just like a nap for a toddler) helps your dog join their play group without the behavior problems of a dog who is over tired. We keep our crate doors open during playtime for dogs who would like to lay down or take a short nap away from the group.