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Boarding-General Information


Monday-Friday 8 am to 6 pm

Saturday 8 am to 12 noon

Special Sunday Pick Up Available! Must be prearranged and prepaid. Call for details!

For a reservation, please fill out our Boarding Form; and we will call you back asap!

Dogs & Puppies:

We offer a variety of choices for your pet's stay with us. In our deluxe Cabins, spacious Lodges and Bed & Breakfast, they will receive the same care we give our own pets.

  • All accommodations are disinfected and cleaned daily, as well as having a separate ventilation system from our hospital for your peace of mind.
  • Several potty breaks are taken in our outdoor runs or play yard.
  • We prefer you bring your dog's food in a container or individual bags enough for their stay. This will be less stressful than changing their diet. We will provide food if needed. We feed Purina EN which is a sensitive stomach diet.
  • Our boarders are never put together for breaks or play times unless they are from the same family and requested by our client.

Requirements: DHLPP/DHPP (distemper complex), Bordetella, CIV (Canine Influenza Virus), Rabies, annual negative fecal test, and must be external parasite free (if fleas/ticks are found on your pet, we will treat at your expense)

Cats & Kittens:

Our Cat Condos provide three levels for your cat to perch and watch the birds and campers outside.

  • Connecting doors make it easy for cat's from the same household to be together or separate.
  • All accommodations are disinfected and cleaned daily.
  • The cat room is separate from our dog boarding and the room includes toys, enclosures and a large scratching/climbing play area.
  • Please bring your cat's regular food
  • We provide scoopable litter but also have clay litter on hand

Requirements: PRC (distemper complex), Rabies, annual negative fecal test, and must be external parasite free (if fleas/ticks are found on your pet, we will treat at your expense)


We are happy to make accommodations for pets with special needs. Our trained staff can safely administer any medications or supplements. Please bring medication in the original bottle complete with drug information and dosing. There is a charge of $3.47 for each time a medication is given, not by the number of medications. (example: three medications given in the morning and evening would be two charges)

Extra Services that can be done while boarding (charges apply):

Playtime - 15 minutes with one of our caring counselors ($6.96 each + tx)

Update - vaccinations, exam, fecal test or any other routine veterinary services

Grooming - Depends on the breed size and the coat condition, we can give you a quote at check-in.

Nail trims - $12.00

FREE with boarding:

Free bath with 7 days paid

Hugs and Kisses - Our Pleasure

Come take a tour anytime during regular business hours!

Clinic and Boarding Hours

Doggie Day Camp M-F 6 am to 6 pm






















Holiday Hours

Memorial Day- Closed | 4th of July- Closed | Labor Day- Closed | Thanksgiving- Closed | Christmas - Closed | New Years Day - Closed


Read What Our Clients Say

  • "We love the staff and facility. Our pups have gone to the vet, doggy daycare and grooming. A+ in all areas! Today was their Halloween party and our pups came home with pictures, treats (people and dogs) and prizes. Awesome day! Thank you to the staff for giving me peace of mind."
    R.L / facebook
  • "By far the most helpful, understanding, and caring staff I have com into contact with since owning my dog. Sheryl especially (who we have worked with for most of this) has gone above and beyond to be helpful and patient with us. I couldn't be more calm and trusting in a staff. Thumbs up guys!"